Corporate Social Responsibility

Gittins Mcdonald are proud to be supporting the following charities and groups.

Liz Monica Agutu Odhiambo Educational Trust

This is a registered charitable Trust in Kenya. The Trustees, Liz Monica Agutu Odhiambo, A Kenyan National and Gareth Vaughan Kelly of Gittins McDonald Solicitors Limited Wrexham have generated the funding for the projects undertaken by the Trust. They claim no expenses and have made their own personal donations. Gittins McDonald Limited have also donated for the Trust.

The Liz Monica Agutu Odhiambo Educational Trust was established in November 2021 to assist and improve the lives of less fortunate people in Kenya. This includes providing a better standard of living, bringing water to the East Asembo Area and providing education to those who would not otherwise experience it.

Gareth Kelly fundraised in his hometown of Wrexham with Pendine Arts and Community Trust (PACT) to raise enough funds to supply clean and safe water to the area of East Asembo in Kenya. Water was previously obtained from a pond which animals also used. A water borehole now exists through the efforts of the Trust. It is significant that villages with boreholes see absenteeism in schools reduce by up to 80%.

Gareth Kelly visiting Kenyan natives

The Trust has also provided education for two young girls known as Tina and Faith. The girls did not have a great start in life, their mother died of HIV and they were abandoned by their father. The girls were living in primitive conditions that we cannot imagine ourselves. When the Trustees visited their home in December 2021, they found the girls had to sleep on the floor in a hut constructed from mud with a tin roof. This hut had been provided by the founder of the Trust before the Trust was established.

Through generous sponsorship afforded to the Trust, the girls have now been enrolled in a Christian boarding school from June 2022 and their lives have been transformed. They will continue there for the rest of their education.

This has paved the way to the Trust wanting to better the lives of more children in the area.

Currently Gareth is raising funding with businesses and individuals for the construction and operating of the school. He is involved also in working with the local education authority and government officials to deal with all compliance requirements for the school. Anyone who is interested in providing any donation towards the construction of the school or the Trust please contact Gareth at

The Trust will also continue with other projects in Kenya.

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Nightingale House

The company supports a range of fundraising activities led by Nightingale House. This includes sponsoring a staff members child who entered the Royal Run at Rhosddu School Wrexham. Rhosddu School raised the most money of all Wrexhams schools to win a visit from Jurassic Live! Read more

Cancer Research UK

We at Gittins McDonald have donated £500.00 to Cancer Research UK via one of our employees taking part in an Ultra White Collar Boxing Exhibition.

Wrexham Food Bank

Gittins McDonald collected donations from staff for Wrexham Food bank in the belief that we must help our immediate community.

Hustlers Netball

We sponsor kit for a local netball team Hustlers.